• Non-Broadcast Corporate, Industrial, Educational:     1 hr recording session   $300.         Per additional studio hour  $100.
  • Interactive Media/ Multimedia:                                1 hr recording session   $300.         Per finished hour of audio  $500.
  • Audiobooks:                                                            1 hr recording session   $300.         Per finished hour of audio  $500.
  • IVR, self-guided tours, PSAs:                                    Per page rate               $125.         Per word rate 0.01-0.05   
  • Copy writing, direction services                                Per project basis from  $  50. per hour        

MaxwellVoiceWorks provides professional quality audio for your project. 

We offer copy writing and direction services as well as some post production effects for jobs small to scaled-up multi phase projects.

All raw voice and production work remains the property of MaxwellVoiceWorks (c)